Custom Painted P-2000 units

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lightning Stripes Return

Greetings Blog Followers,

First today is Thursday November 22, 2012 and I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Now back to the trains... Despite the recent trend moving the layout, rolling stock and locomotives toward the late 1960s, which is indicative in prior posts by the paint schemes and appearance of the Penn Central, I want everyone to know that the New York Central Lightning Stripes are alive and well. Right now they are out in force and the somber all black locomotives are being given a much needed rest. Here's a small sample of some current locomotives on the layout.

 New York Central FT-A & FT-B part of an A-B-B-A Lash Up

NYC FT A-B-B-A Lash Up leaving Empire City Station

New York Central Alco FA-FB-FA Lash Up

NYC FA-FB-FAs on the point of a freight train on  upper level

New York Central F7A & F7A combine power on an upper level freight train

A Rail Fan favorite, an Alco PA-PB-PA consist makes it way to Terminal Yard

NYC PA-PB-PAs run light heading to Terminal Yard 

New York Central Alco RS2s also running light towards Terminal Yard

NYC RS2s running light (engines only)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Newly Painted Locomotives

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Here are the newly painted locomotives fresh from the shop...
Penn Central #1908 joins PC# 1802 on the roster. Both units are Bachmann train set locomotives with non powered pancake motors. They are draw bar equipped for close coupling. 

Side shot of PC 1908 and 1802. Note draw bar connecting locomotives. 

PRR # 1602 in a simplified scheme from the late 60's. This scheme was used on FP7s during that era. This locomotive is a Bachmann train set locomotive that was painted in a bright yellow U.P. livery.

PRR #1602 attached to an Athearn F7A in the famous PRR Tuscan paint scheme.

NYC E8A #4020 is a Proto 2000 model and formerly painted in F.E.C. red and yellow.

NYC #4020

NYC #4020 with PRR #1602 

NYC # 4020

A four unit lash up, NYC Lightning Striped F7s with PC F7s, lead a feight train on the upper level. The first six cars are also recent repaints. Three Baldwin diesels are also in the scene with two S-12s on the lower level and an S-12 in the background on the upper level.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Newly Painted 50' Boxcars

Greetings Blog Followers,
Just finished stripping and repainting five 50' Boxcars. The cars were originally two Milwaukee Road, one Olympia Beer (reefer)and two Union Pacific. All cars received a new coat of jade green paint and three are lettered for the New York Central and two for the Penn Central using Microscale Decals.

Before photo of a train set quality Bachmann 50' Boxcar

Before photo of a Bachmann 50' Boxcar with a bit more detail

Newly Painted PC  50' Mechanical Refrigerator Car# 167538, a Model Power car, formerly Olympia Beer 

Newly Painted PC 50' Boxcar #167999, a Bachmann car, formerly Milwaukee Road

Newly Painted NYC 50' Boxcar #159895, a Bachmann car, formerly Milwaukee Road

Newly Painted NYC 50' Boxcar# 162440, a Bachmann Car, formerly Union Pacific

Newly Painted NYC 50' Insulated Boxcar # 36830, a Bachmann Car, formerly Union Pacific

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Florida East Coast E9A #1031

Greetings Blog Followers,
Attended a recent train show and brought home Proto 2000 Florida East Coast E9A #1031. Unit has been tested on layout and runs excellent. Engine will be heading to the paint shop to become either a New York Central E8A in the cigar band scheme or a Penn Central E8A in the PC black scheme. A little history on the FEC E9A #1031. The unit was built for FEC and is pictured below in it's delivery paint scheme. The FEC ceased passenger operations in 1963 but was required by the state to run a single daily local passenger train between Miami and Jacksonville that was usually just two cars. The 1031 handled that assignment until about 1967. During this time frame it wore a very simple blue livery. Here are some photos of the latest addition to the motive pool.

FEC E9A #1031

A look at the improved backdrop.