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Friday, August 3, 2012

Upper Mainline Track Work Completed

The upper mainline track work on my NYC train layout has finally been completed. The next step is to begin he wiring process for the double track main line. After that the lower level Railway Express Building and track needs to be installed before the upper level can connect to Terminal Yard and the remainder of the layout.

Upper level main line track is ready for wire. Track at upper right will connect to main line to Terminal Yard behind mountain tops at left. This will be done after completion of lower level R.E.A. track work and building which can be seen at lower right. Almost there with so much more to do.

An A-B-A set of PRR C-Liners stand guard on the upper level as the passenger trains call in on the lower level.

Looking at the upper level notice the police car on the left making the turn on two wheels. Looks like a crime scene further up on the left near the building cacross from the C-Liners.

Several freight cars await pick up on the upper level viaduct. It is amazing how they got here when the track does not yet connect to the yard.

Upper level industrial area. 

 Cargill Grain Elevator, Redwing Milling and a Caterpillar sales and regional offices building
 Empire City
 Empire City close up

 Bridge at left will connect upper level with tracks to Terminal Yard.  Upper and Lower mainlines as well as reverse loop track are in place. Track connecting Terminal Yard to lower level is under upper level.    

Close up view of tracks
 R.E.A. tracks are at bottom left.

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