Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Track Purchasing Issues

Greetings Blog Followers.... Just wanted to add an update to the blog as I have not posted in awhile. The NYC train layout purchasing department has run into a bit of a snag in trying to purchase some Atlas Code 100 flex track. Since beginning the layout I have tried to buy used flex track in good condition to save on costs. I have had great luck until very recently using one of the HO Scale Yahoo Groups that I belong to. The latest "Want to Buy" posting looking for 20 pieces of track was answered by several would be sellers. I chose one seller offering used track in good condition and promptly sent him a money order to cover the agreed upon costs. The day after sending the money order my W.T.B. post was answered by a seller that I have bought most of my track from, more on that in a minute. The would be seller responds back to me that he has received the money order BUT he cannot ship right now because he is having a pre planned operation that was conveniently left out of his prior communications but  he will ship in a few days. The few days pass and another e-mail reports another shipping delay due to operation complications. Not wanting to burden this seller any further during his convalescence I informed him that he could just send back my money order and continue his mending process. He then assured me that my 20 pieces of flex track would be sent within the next two days. On this third would be shipping date I received an e-mail informing me that he did not actually have the quantity of track I had purchased BUT could send me a bunch of smaller pieces to make up the length. Again I requested that my money order be returned to me. Now guess what happened? The money order arrived in the mail. So this part ended OK as I was just out the postage, time and aggravation.

Now about the other seller he had new pieces of track to sell which is at a higher price than the used track I was going to purchase from the original seller.. Well once he had contacted me I replied back, apologized for not contacting him directly and explained that a deal was already in the works. I further informed him that should complications arise (and they surely did) that I would e-mail him back and purchase the track off of him.

So there it is another trip to the Post Office to get the money orders straightened out and I should be getting the track by the beginning of next week. All this to save some money. Would it have been easier to go to the local hobby shop and just purchase the track right there? Yes. Would it have cost me almost double the price I am paying now? Yes. Anyway having dealt with this seller several times I am confident that track laying will begin again next week. Stay tuned....

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