Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Refurbished Merchant's Row I

After the completion of the Walther's kit Merchant's Row II it became readily apparent that the much older Merchant's Row would need to be re gentrified. The building suffered from a fire in one it's stores which was a great place to showcase my 1/87 scale fireman and fire apparatus. But after 15 years even the most sluggish volunteer fire company should have had this fire put out and taken up for the firehouse. Another issue facing this building was the learning curve as it was one of the first building kits I had built.  Here are some photos of the refurbished building....

 Dominick's Restaurant now occupies the former burnt out space. Charred bricks are still visible and add some character
 Mama & Papa's luncheonette is open daily for Breakfast and Lunch.
 Lin's Dress Shop is an original occupant in original paint
 Dara's Floral Shop is also an original occupant in original colors. The corner store is awaiting new management and will probably be a discount store
An aerial view shows a new billboard and some of the rooftop details.

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  1. These pictures are a true example of attention to details. Like Merchant's Row II, more attention was put into the rooftop details, plus the billboard sign. The appearance to possible interior make the businesses appear fuller and dimensional is outstanding. The tall plants were a nice touch too.