Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
Custom Painted FA / FB Units

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Drawbar equipped Athearn F7s

Here are some photos of an easy to project that swapped out traditional couplers for a draw bar between Athearn F7 A units. Start by removing the old coupler assembly. Locate the mounting hole on coupler mounting ad and drill this hole all the way through. A note of caution here is that you should either remove the motor and trucks or at least cover them well so the metal shavings do not get into the gears. Using a piece of plastic from my scrap box I attached one side to #210 with a 2-56 screw. On #215 I installed a 2-56 screw with just enough protruding from the bottom of the coupler pad to hook the draw bar. When assembled the units are close coupled and the plastic draw bar insulates the units to eliminate any potential electrical shorts.

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