Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
Custom Painted FA / FB Units

Monday, December 12, 2011


The Pennsylvania Railroad, owned and operated by my son, enjoys track rights on my New York Central layout into and out of Empire City and Terminal Yard. Even with this arrangement the rivalry remains fierce and verbal barbs are often heard being shouted from one engineer to another as the PRR rolls through New York Central territory.
Admittedly the entire PRR fleet is top notch both cosmetically and mechanically. However NYC management insists that ALL locomotives passing through it's tracks be individually numbered which brings is to the subject matter, the PRR SD45s. These are powered Athearn units that were purchased new in the box as a two pack about seven years ago or more. Both were numbered 8962. They are exceptional runners and pullers and can haul our heaviest trains with no problem. About a month ago I purchased Champ Decal set 87-21 which is for lettering and numbering PRR locomotives.
This past weekend the paint shop was hard at work adding the new numbers. Here is how it was done;
First remove the old number with Walthers solvaset and an eraser. Second wash the area off with water and allow to dry. Third, paint over the area where the numbers were removed. Fourth, spray the are with a clear gloss for best decal adhesion. Fifth cut and apply decals according to directions. Sixth, Blot dry and add Solvaset to let decals snuggle down onto model. Allow to Dry. Last apply a clear dull coat to protect decals.
                                                         Formerly 8962, now 8853

                                                 The other 8962, now the only 8962

                                                         The two units paired up


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  1. Looking at the pictures of these units, I see your son likes to operate his locomotives "elephant-style" than back-to-back.